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Department of Chemistry Okayama University of Science

Elementary Courses

Inorganic Chemistry I

Inorganic Chemistry II

Inorganic Chemistry III

Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry III

Organic Chemistry IV

Physical Chemistry I

Physical Chemistry II

Physical Chemistry III

Analytical Chemistry I

Analytical Chemistry II

Exercises for Inorganic Chemistry

Exercises for Organic Chemistry

Exercises for Physical Chemistry

Exercises for Analytical Chemistry

Fundamental Experiments of Chemistry

Experiments in General Chemistry

Experiments in Analytical Chemistry

Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry

Experiments in Organic Chemistry

Experiments in Physical Chemistry

Advanced Courses

Chemistry of Crystals

Solid State Chemistry

Coordination Chemistry

Bio-organic Chemistry

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Organic Spectroscopic Chemistry

Mechanisms of Organic Reactions

Chemical Thermodynamics

Quantum Chemistry

Surface Chemistry

Materials Chemistry

Instrumental Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry of Resources and Energy

Polymer Chemistry

Computer Literacy I

Computer Literacy II

Presentation Seminar for Chemist

Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Analytical Chemistry I

Environmental Analytical Chemistry II

Topics in Chemistry

Topics of Modern Chemistry

Chemistry and Human Life

Laboratory Research for B. Sc

Japanese Overview Laboratories