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Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science Okayama University of Science
Master's Program in Chemistry
This department consists of five chairs, of which staff members also teach undergraduates in chemistry at OUS. The areas of research, reflecting the present status of chemistry, cover a wide range of natural sciences. Currently, about 50 students are enrolled in the program. Emphasis is on acquiring knowledge and skills through research and students are encouraged to present papers in meetings of various societies concerned with their field, and write journal papers with the help of their supervisors. The number of students who continue their studies in the Doctoral program after finishing the course are noteworthy.
Doctoral Program in Materials Science
This department consists of 13 chairs and is based on master's programs in Graduate School of Science except for Department of Applied Mathematics. The education and research area covers chemistry, physics, biology, and geosciences. Although staff members take leading roles in undergraduate and master's programs, students here must take initiatives in performing research when they leave the university. Attending classes is not required for the degree in this department and students can spend their time in finding interesting research topics and for planning the ways of solving problems. This means that students, though it is up to themselves, will spend a rather busy time during this program. Because the specific areas covered by the staff members of this department are very large, students should expect to receive appropriate advice from the staff members, as needed.